Facebook’s & PayPal’s Investment Into Indonesian App Gojek

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Facebook and PayPal have made an investment in the Indonesian company Gojek. To learn more about the investment by FB messaging-platform WhatsApp and PayPal, as well as know who can help you with PayPal micropayments UK, go through the lines below.

FB’s + PayPal’s Investment & PayPal Micropayments UK

Gojek is a payment, food-delivery and ride-hailing app operator in Indonesia. The tech giant refused to report how much it’d invested in Gojek. However, FB has mentioned that it underscores its efforts to assist small businesses operating online. Gojek also refused to provide any details concerning the investment size.

Now, FB and WhatsApp expect the deal will enable them to enter the Indonesian eCommerce industry that’s developing with rapid advances. By the way, this deal is announced after FB’s $5.7 billion investment for a 9.99% stake in India’s Reliance Industries. The latter is the largest telecom operator in India.

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What to Expect From the Deal With Gojek

Now, a 2.4% stake in Gojek’s GoPayfintech arm belongs to Facebook, and 0.6% of GoPay belongs to PayPal. According to Matt Idema, WhatsApp Chief Operations Officer, they’d like to cooperate with Gojek to help millions of small businesses with their growth.

Thanks to the mentioned deal, Facebook and Gojek can contribute to the growth of businesses and add to the financial inclusion across the territory, as Idema further notes. WhatsApp assists small businesses in better connecting with their customers and driving higher sales.

So, Facebook Inc. messaging platform WhatsApp and PayPal Holdings Inc. have recently announced their investment in Gojek, a payment, food-delivery and ride-hailing app operator in Indonesia. The deal is going to help these companies attract millions of people into the rapidly growing eCommerce space of the country.

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