Program for Advanced Negotiator from Schranner

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Negotiation in business is normal to happen. However, negotiation has always different situation. There will be time when the negotiation run well without any problems that occur during the process. However, there can also be situations where the negotiation does not run as what is expected and even it leads to deadlock. In this situation, it is very important to have advanced negotiator that can handle the situation. With their advanced skills and knowledge, the negotiators will know what they should do to solve the situation.

Program for Advanced Negotiator in Schranner

Even if the advanced negotiators are important, it does not mean that all companies can have one. When there is no one with the qualification, what needs to do is to create one. However, it may not be easy to upgrade the skills to the level of advanced negotiators. That is why Schranner Negotiation Institute provides program as the chance for the leaders and other participants to upgrade their skills to the advanced level.


There is no special requirement for participation in the program. However, since it is program to train the advanced negotiators, it is recommended that the participants are experienced negotiators who have experiences and basic knowledge. Professionals can also become the participants. What is important is that the participants have target to upgrade their skills and competencies to the advanced level of negotiating.

Content of the Program

The program is formulated and prepared by team of experts in Schranner. During the program, participants will learn about necessary theories, including the some theories of psychology that will be necessary in negotiation. After the theories, there will be materials about how to control difficult situation during the negotiations.

Since it is dedicated to create advanced negotiators, it is not only difficult situation that will be portrayed during the program. Participants can also learn how to face deadlock and how to solve and avoid it so the negotiation can run well. Strategies and approaches are also parts of the materials that can be learned during the programs.

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